ERA Pipeline Adds Another Honor

ERA pipeline adds another honor

2018-11-29 11:05 Source: Dongfang Net

On the morning of November 8, a press conference on the quality comparison of PP-R pipe products sponsored by Zhejiang Chemical Building Materials Association was held in Hangzhou. The purpose of this conference is to 'find product quality gaps and promote industrial quality improvement'. At the meeting, the results of the quality comparison in 2018 were announced: the PP-R pipe produced by Zhejiang Province is superior to the products of well-known foreign and foreign companies in the most critical hydrostatic resistance and oxidation induction time, Yonggao Co., Ltd., etc. Ten companies won     the award for the quality of this comparison event.

It is understood that this random copolymerized polypropylene (PP-R) pipe product quality comparison activities with the support of the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration, 44 batches of 44 enterprises in the province, random inspection, analysis and comparison. Among them, nine key performance indicators such as opacity, oxidation induction time, long-term hydrostatic pressure and short-term hydrostatic pressure are selected to reflect the basicity and practicability of the product.

As a leading company in the pipeline industry, Yonggao has performed well in this quality comparison activity and ranked among the top in many competitions. Once again, it has won honors for its excellent product quality.


100% quality imported materials to eliminate inferior quality and unknown raw materials

“ERA” PP-R pipe raw materials are all made of high quality imported raw materials, and refuse to use recycled materials from other sources and any recycled materials.

Yonggao executives also said that the company has always insisted on ensuring the hygienic, physical and chemical properties of PP-R pipes from the source, using strict requirements to create products of reliable quality and transmitting the positive energy of Zhejiang manufacturing.

Ultimate damage test, practical index is better than international

In addition to the source of raw materials, the activity also selected practical indicators such as short-term, long-term hydrostatic performance and oxidation induction time under different temperature stresses. The comparison also raises the “passing test” specified in the national standard to the “limit damage test”, which is the test rupture time.

The test results show that the short-term hydrostatic performance of PP-R pipe in ERA is more than 10h, up to 58.6h; the long-term hydrostatic resistance is more than 2000h, up to 3124h. The above data can also explain that the anti-static hydraulic rupture time of ERA PP-R products far exceeds the requirements of national standards and is far superior to the quality of foreign pipes.

In 2001, the company launched PP-R pipe products. In 2013, it was listed in the ERA home decoration module. In 2015, the public PP-R products passed the German DVGW double-effect certification and “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification. Its PP-R pipe series products are widely used in industry, such as hygienic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-corrosive, non-fouling, long-term heat resistance and creep properties, and long service life under the same temperature and internal pressure conditions. And in civil buildings, hot and cold water heating systems, hot water circulation systems, and other industrial and agricultural tubes.

From high-quality raw materials to advanced production processes; from a good appearance to a stable moisture and pressure resistance; from up to 99% antibacterial rate to the elimination of leaking pipe fittings homogenous hot-melt joints, this series for details The pursuit of control and the pursuit of precision all show the ultimate in creating products.

It is precisely because the people of ERA have been pursuing the excellence, ingenuity and quality of PP-R products for nearly 20 years, the company's products can stand out in this comparison event, and won the "2018 Zhejiang PP-R pipe quality comparison quality wins." prize".

This beautiful transcript is not only affirmation of the quality of the company's products, but also a commendation for every employee's hard work. Believe that quality products can help the Group to stand on a larger and broader stage.

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