Anhui Yonggao's Largest Caliber Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Trial Production Succeeded

   On the afternoon of February 16, the first 2400mm diameter hollow wall winding pipe was successfully tested in the Yonggao 5 workshop in Anhui. The 2400mm diameter hollow wall winding pipe is the largest in the whole winding pipe series. This is the leading level in the industry. The research and development results mark that the production level of Anhui Yonggao winding pipe has reached a new level.
       With the cooperation of various departments, it took only 5 days from machine to factory to installation. Compared with the general caliber machine, the 2400 hollow wall winding tube is technically more advanced. The molding machine is improved by the original chain to the universal joint transmission type, which is more convenient for the operation of the employees, and the mechanical failure rate is also greatly reduced. At the same time, the operating environment is greatly optimized and the safety factor is increased. The use of the latest generation of tractors on the tractor greatly improves the traction technology and improves the quality of the products. The motor is also replaced with a smaller, quieter, more stable servo motor. The water tank is also changed to the mode of spraying and immersing at any time, which greatly shortens the replacement time and improves the production efficiency.
      The 2400mm diameter hollow wall winding pipe test machine succeeded, which enhanced the influence of the large-diameter winding pipe market in the city, enriched the product structure, expanded the production scale, filled the gap in the large-diameter winding pipe in the central and eastern regions, and was active in further developing the market. 


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