2018 Dubai Big 5 Is Open Now!

2018 Dubai Big 5 , Nov 26- 29th , ERA booth number : Z3D248 ,Welcome!


The  Middle East Dubai Five Industry Exhibition (BIG5), which was founded in  1980, is the most influential and largest exhibition of construction,  building materials and services in the Middle East. At  the same time, its exhibition of five major industries in the Middle  East, Construction Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment Exhibition (BIG  5PMV) is a professional exhibition focusing on construction equipment,  machinery, tools and vehicles in the Middle East. Nowadays,  the violent and continuous development of the construction market in  the Middle East has driven the strong demand for construction equipment,  materials, construction machinery and vehicles, and has attracted  global attention. The 2018 Middle East Dubai Five  Industry Exhibition will be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE  from November 26th to 29th, 2018. It will continue to provide a global  supplier of construction equipment, machinery, construction vehicles and  equipment and materials. The face-to-face business  communication opportunities of buyers from all over the Middle East also  provide a new profitable platform for Chinese companies.


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