To Prevent Abnormal Water Level Changes In The Flood Control System

Pressure pipe, or Penstock, or hydraulic steel pipe, is a steel pipe used to deliver extremely pressurized water. Among them, the steel pipe belongs to a closed environment, and the strength of the water flow through the gate or fence switch control.

Pressure pipe The water flow guidance technology originated when the water flow led the waterwheel, the rotating wheel to generate energy, and use this energy to grind grain. The earliest pressure pipe is not steel pipe, but a long channel form, so the word pipe was first called the pressure pipe, channel form is the most commonly used, the pressure pipe at the time, will be the existing The waterway links. And, when the water gate at the water is fully open, the water can flow freely into the pressure pipe. When the water gate is closed, the water flow will be limited and can not flow into the pressure pipe. In addition, a fence or a filter is usually provided at the inlet of the pressure pipeline to prevent a large amount of debris, such as branches and gravel from entering the pipeline and blocking the pipeline.

Later in modern times, this technology was often used in hydraulic power generation, when the water from high to low hydraulic turbine rushed down when the water pipes, or factories in the delivery of oil and water when the pipe, which is called the pressure pipe. Similar technologies can also be applied to dam drainage schemes or water withdrawal schemes. However, in the flood control systems that prevent the water level anomalies from changing, the pressure pipe is also a common application of water and flood discharge.

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