Enhance The Use Of Pph Pipe Advantage

pph pipe material use and characteristics

pph tube is a vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or vinylidene fluoride and other less recorded fluorine-containing vinyl monomer copolymer, both resin and resin properties of fluorine resin, in addition to having good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance , Oxidation resistance, weatherability, radiation resistance, pph pipe also has piezoelectric, dielectric, thermoelectric and other special properties, is currently the middle of the fluorine-containing plastic products ranked second in big products.

Uses: high temperature oil environment protection of electronic components; resistance capacitors, heat is even the insulation and protection; a variety of mechanical protection of metal wire; wire end, continue, the end of the insulation, protection and reinforcement.

Features: high temperature, heat, media, transparent, hard.

1.pph pipe material is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-fouling, which can effectively improve the quality of the pipe network; pph pipe has a good ability to withstand the pressure of water hammer, welded pipe and pipe joints pph underground and end load Effective resistance, greatly improving the safety and reliability of water supply.

2.pph tube special material has been greatly developed in recent years, PE material early development is not an important reason is due to its uneconomical. However, high-performance polyethylene pipe material developed after the pph pipe to enhance the use of the advantages of expanding pph pipe applications.

3.pph tube has good flexibility and weldability make it more convenient and economical to install and more secure. Pph pipe laying speed, damage and maintenance costs are low, as long as the joints can withstand axial load without leakage and release. Therefore, when laying in the joints and bending does not require the cost of not small anchors, pier, the cost can be reduced. pph pipe has a unique flexibility, the elongation at break of more than 500%, bending radius can reach 20 to 25 times the diameter of the pipe, as well as excellent resistance to scratches the ability. Therefore, laying is very easy to move, bend and interspersed, suitable for a variety of construction methods such as trenchless pipe jacking. And pph pipe adaptability to the pipeline foundation, on the one hand, to reduce the requirements of the pipe base, on the other hand after laying the pipe base changes, it is not easy to damage.

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