A High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Material
Plastic Valve Tubing PVDF is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant material commonly used to make water pipes. The PVDF membrane binds to the protein and can isolate small fragments of the protein initially used for protein sequencing because of the degradation of the nitrocellulose membrane in Edman's reagent so PDVF was sought as a replacement although the PDVF membrane bound The efficiency of the protein is not high nitrocellulose membrane, but because of its stability, corrosion resistance makes it an ideal protein sequencing products, has been in use today. PVDF membranes, like nitrocellulose membranes, perform a wide range of staining and chemiluminescence assays, as well as a wide range of applications. This PVDF membrane, high sensitivity, resolution and protein affinity in the fine process than conventional membranes are high, very suitable for the detection of low molecular weight proteins. However, before using the PVDF membrane, it must be pretreated with anhydrous methanol and then equilibrated in the transfer buffer (PVDF membrane with methanol bubble is to activate the positive groups above the PVDF membrane to make it easier With negatively charged protein binding). PVDF membrane after pretreatment in the transfer film, you can use methanol-free transfer buffer. The use of NC membrane, and some need to deal with anhydrous methanol, while others do not have to use transfer buffer directly balance it.
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