ERA won the Zhejiang Provincial Standard Innovation Major Contribution Award

Recently, the list of proposed awards for the Zhejiang Provincial Standard Innovation Contribution Award was released, and ERA Co., Ltd. was listed among them, becoming the only company in Taizhou City to win the provincial standard innovation Major contribution Award, achieving a breakthrough in the Taizhou Major Award; at the same time, it is also the only company in the plastic pipeline industry to win the honor of the provincial and above standard innovation contribution award.

The success of this award creation is not only the recognition of the government and all walks of life for the company's deep-rooted work in standardization, scientific and technological innovation achievements, innovation management and other fields of work and leading the development of the industry, but also the result of the company's award-winning team's “meticulous craftsmanship and hard work”.Major contribution of standard innovation.

The project participating in the award-winning project is the national standard GB/T35451.1-2017 “”Polypropylene (PP) structural wall piping system for buried drainage and sewage Part 1: Polypropylene double-wall corrugated pipe“”, which is led by the company. It focuses on the "Urban basic pipe network", a major livelihood and development project, and has proposed groundbreaking key technical content that is superior to the international level, innovative new material structure design, advanced polymer processing technology and other independent core technologies, filling the domestic gap; A number of key indicators such as heat-resistant and oxygen-aging properties and impact properties are higher than international standards (ISO standards) and EN standards, and the key indicators are higher than international standards (ISO standards) and EN standards. The technology has reached the international leading level, driving the transformation and upgrading of China's pipeline industry, and realizing standard innovation.Related technologies have won 13 national authorized patents, including 5 invention patents, and won the "First Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award".The key indicators of this standard have been adopted by more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and South Korea.

The implementation of the standard has broken through the foreign technology monopoly. Large domestic petrochemical companies have developed a new type of high-modulus polypropylene based on the standard, and promoted the development of the industrial chain. The global new production capacity is 2 million tons. In 2021, China's exports of polypropylene materials and pipeline products will increase by more than 30%.In the past five years, the operating income of the main drafting unit of the standard has increased by 49.86% year-on-year.This standard product is a recommended product for sponge city construction by the Ministry of Housing and Construction and a certified product for green building materials. It has been used in key livelihood projects such as the Strait Olympic Sports Center, Zhejiang Province's “Five-water co-governance” and zero direct sewage discharge, and has been highly recognized by national, provincial and municipal governments at all levels.This project won the first Standard innovation Contribution award in Taizhou City.

Huang Jian, chief engineer and deputy general manager of ERA Standards, said about the feeling of winning the award: “ERA has always regarded standardization as an important work for the sustainable development of enterprises and the high-quality development of the industry.In recent years, he has led and participated in the revision of 119 national/industry standards and 2 international standards, of which he has led the drafting of 12, participated in the ISO/TC138 international conferences and the revision of the ISO standard system over the years, applied for and co-organized the 2018 International Annual Meeting held in Hangzhou, China, and continuously enhanced the international status and voice of our country's standardization work.”

Deep roots go all out

The innovative standard transformation product was listed as a recommended product by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, a recommended product for sponge city construction by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, and a green building material product. It has been applied in infrastructure projects such as the Strait Olympic Sports Center, provincial and municipal airports, and highway construction projects.

This is a standard project that has been tested by the practice of all parties and has been recognized, but the company's award-winning team was still slightly worried and under pressure at the beginning of the declaration.“The declaration of this project has a certain pressure on the entire team. The provincial innovation award is awarded once every two years. If it is not awarded this year, the project declared this time will be implemented for more than five years after two years, and it is no longer in line with 'innovation', so every detail of all aspects of this project declaration is very important, and we must strive for perfection."Sun Huali, director of the Science and Technology Center, shared with the author.

In order to enhance the ability of R&D achievements to win awards, the company has been paying attention to the review dynamics of the relevant standard innovation contribution award since the beginning of June this year, and it took 4 months from the preparation of relevant standard project materials to the end of the review.The information requirements of the Provincial innovation Award are high and the review is strict. The preparation time of the information at each stage is very tight. The template is often issued today and must be bound and submitted the next day.Sun Huali led her technical team members to often add black and white and work overtime to prepare materials. After repeated revisions and polishing of more than ten drafts, she comprehensively summarized the technical information of the standard revision process, the development and implementation of domestic and foreign standards, and finally completed the preparation of the recommendation letter, and the data was entered into the system.Fortunately, the effort paid off. All materials were reviewed by the Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration and recommended by the Taizhou Municipal People's Government. The materials with clear logic and refined content successfully passed the formal review and data review layers of screening, and entered the presentation and defense link.

On August 27th, Huang Jian, deputy general manager and chief engineer of ERA Co., Ltd., went to Hangzhou on behalf of the company to participate in the award mobilization meeting and participate in the presentation and defense.In his defense, Huang Jian made detailed statements on the innovation and advanced nature of standard projects, international application, implementation benefits and social influence, and responded to experts' questions and suggestions.Based on the comprehensive information review and the score of the defense, ERA shares entered the on-site review session with excellent results.

Cut through the thick and thin

On September 15th, ERA Shares ushered in the review team appointed by the Zhejiang Provincial Standards Innovation Contribution Award Review Office and officially entered the on-site review session.

At the review meeting, Lu Zhenyu, chairman of ERA Co., Ltd., introduced the company's development history, main business and standardization work. Huang Jian made a detailed report on the declared project and brought relevant technical backbone to answer expert questions. Defense.

After the meeting, a group of experts went deep into the front line to visit the production workshop site and the research institute. The company's standardization work foundation, workshop management site, and YCC corporate culture landing work were highly recognized by the review team, and they advanced to the last link with high scores-the conference review.

The review of the meeting requires a three-minute video to fully showcase the company's profile and the results of related standardization work, and to review it in combination with the comprehensive scores of the previous links.These three-minute videos are essential. Every frame of the picture and every piece of text in the dubbing must highly condense the company's innovative strength and comprehensive project situation. In order to be able to produce a video that meets the requirements in a short period of time, the company's declaration team gave up the weekend break, stayed up late and carefully worded the script, revised the script, and completed the video detail modification after working overtime during the week.

In the end, ERA passed all the way through and won the “Zhejiang Provincial Standard Innovation Award Major Contribution Award” in one fell swoop.

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