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The pursuit of perfect quality strive for first-class quality
The pursuit of perfect quality strive for first-class quality
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Get an official pass! The products of ERA Co., Ltd. have been certified by China Classification Society
The relevant products of ERA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ERA Co., Ltd.")
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Obey the safety production law and be the first responsible person
the "Production Safety Month", which lasted more than one month in Tianjin, came to an end.
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This new product is very powerful
we\'ve been moving forward Ask yourself where it ends
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Industrial Journey See the Quality with Fine Copper
we don't stick to traditionThe persistence of ingenuity Figurative into every corner of industrial accessories.
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Set out for the future and start a new journey of dreams
The growth of an enterprise,is never the business of one person,,but the business of a group of people
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Improve the pass rate of PPR aluminum-plastic pipe to 95%
The PPR aluminum-plastic pipe is composed of 5 layers, and the middle layer is made of aluminum sheet.
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Improve the subject, share the internal publication and promote communication
In order to further strengthen the quality improvement of the QCC project in Shuangpu Plant and expand the ideas for QCC improvement
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The first stick at the beginning of the new year brings together new forces
Start the year on dry, start the decisive battle, Start the sprint, start the momentum
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Here are PPR antifreeze tips in winter!
although,lt\'s been so hot lately,The feeling of "mild winterthis year".but,And don\'t forget to add a layer of protectionto your PPR pipes.
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