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With Light Weight, Corrosion Resistance, Do Not Scale Adsorption
- Jan 30, 2018 -

The main types of plastic valves in the world are plastic ball valves, plastic butterfly valves, plastic check valves, plastic diaphragm valves and plastic globe valves. The main structural forms are two-way, three-way plastic and multi-way valves. The main raw materials are ABS and PVC- U, PVC-C, PB, PE, PP and PVDF and so on. In the international standards for plastic valve products, the first is the production of raw materials used in valve requirements, the raw materials of the manufacturer must have a plastic pipe products meet the creep failure curve; at the same time on the plastic valve seal test, valve test, the overall Long-term performance tests of valves, fatigue strength tests and operating torques are all specified, giving the design service life of 25 years for plastic valves for industrial fluid transfer.

Plastic valve minimum hole should meet the following criteria:

1, for any medium on the valve circulation, should not be less than 90% of the valve DN value;

2, for the structural need to reduce the size of the medium circulation valve, the manufacturer should explain the actual minimum through-hole.

3, the seal between the stem and the body should comply with EN736-3.

4, the valve wear resistance, the valve design should consider the service life of worn parts, or manufacturers should indicate in the operating instructions to replace the entire valve replacement.

5, all valve operating device applicable flow rate should reach 3m / s.

6, from the top of the valve, the valve handle or handwheel should be closed clockwise valve.

Due to the plastic valve has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-adsorption scale, integration with the plastic pipe and long service life, etc., plastic valves in the water supply (especially hot water and heating) and other industrial plastics Pipeline system, the advantages of its application is that other valves can not be compared. Currently in the domestic production and application of plastic valves, there is no reliable method of its control, resulting in water supply and industrial use of other fluids plastic valve product quality is uneven, resulting in the closure of engineering applications and serious leakage phenomenon, The formation of a plastic valve can not use the remarks, affecting the overall development of plastic pipe applications. China's national standard plastic valve is being developed in the process, the product standards and method standards are based on international standards.