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Tube Load Capacity
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Tube, is one of the earliest electrical amplification devices. The cathode electron emission portion enclosed in a glass container (typically a glass tube), a control grid, an accelerating grid and an anode (screen) lead are welded to the tube base. An electric field is used to inject the electronically modulated signal into the control grid in the vacuum and the signal data of different parameters after the signal is amplified or fed back to the anode is obtained. Earlier used in television sets, radios and other electronic products, in recent years gradually replaced by amplifiers and integrated circuits made of semiconductor materials, but in some high-fidelity audio equipment, still using low-noise, high stability of the tube as the audio frequency Power Amplifier (Hong Kong people use the tube amplifier as a "tube amplifier").

Due to its large size, large power consumption, severe heating, short life, low efficiency of power supply, fragile structure and high voltage power supply, most of its use has been replaced by solid state device transistors. Advantages: 1, strong tube load capacity 2, the linear performance is better than the transistor 3, high frequency 4, high-frequency high-power field of work better than transistors

So still in some places (such as high-power radio transmitting equipment, high-frequency dielectric heating equipment) continue to play an irreplaceable role.