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- Jan 30, 2018 -

In the research of anticorrosive materials, focus on the development of composite materials or composite structures, emphasizing that the coatings have good conductivity and physical properties, and stable Chemical properties and wide temperature adaptability, both play a role in preservative insulation, but also insulation and improve pipeline strength. These materials and structures should have good dielectric properties, physical properties, stable chemical properties and wide temperature adaptation range.

Pay attention to the pressure, the temperature is within the allowable range, whether there is medium leakage, whether the body of the equipment has visible deformation, etc., and immediately take measures and report abnormalities (pressure gauges, safety valves, etc. should be manually discharged once and do Out of record).

Long-term use of pressure pipe, the need to perform regular testing, maintenance and repair work. Among them, the pressure pipe in the tunnel usually need regular cleaning to remove over time accumulated in the pipe inside the algae and debris. Also, regular maintenance and testing can be used to prevent catastrophic failures that can lead to flooding and other serious security issues.