Yonggao Holding 2018 Annual Lean And Safe Work Deployment Conference

On March 9, Yonggao's 2018 annual lean and safe work deployment meeting was held at the headquarters. The meeting commended the excellent team, individuals, and safe production advanced group that promoted the YES Excellence System, and reviewed the 2017 lean and safety work. At the meeting, Yong Xiong, the general manager of Yonggao, fully affirmed the results of 2017 lean production and safety production work, and put forward higher requirements for various tasks in 2018.

In his speech, Yan Xiong asked: For lean work, we must clearly realize that lean production is not a sport but an advanced tool and good habit. We must make full use of this tool to promote outstanding improvement results. Relentlessly explore and discover problems so that lean thinking can be truly implemented in the blood of all work. When talking about safe work, Yan Xiong asked that he must carefully analyze the root causes of each security incident, treat the safety production work with zero tolerance to safety hazards, and constantly strengthen publicity and prevention, so that from "I want to be safe" to " I want to be safe."

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the lean, quality control, and security departments made reports on their 2017 work results and 2018 work plans. Subsequently, General Manager Yan Xiong and the heads of the nine central headquarters respectively signed a safety production responsibility letter. Zhang Yunfei, director of the production management center, and the heads of the various plants and workshops of Huangyan signed a production safety responsibility document.

Yonggao Deputy General Manager Zhang Xiankang, Shao Jun, Lean Consultant Teacher, Nine Center Leaders, more than 120 people from various factory areas, departments, workshop managers, and excellent representatives attended the meeting.

On the other hand, on March 2nd, Tianjin Yonggao organized and launched the "First Class" activity for safe production in 2018. The training covers four aspects: comprehensive safety management, personnel safety management, equipment and facility safety management, and environmental safety management. The lecturers not only systematically taught the company's safety management knowledge and safety concepts, but also introduced relevant laws and regulations in detail, combined with the company's actual cases, and analyzed the causes of the accidents to the employees, educating everyone to prevent problems and raising awareness of accident prevention. And ability, but also deepen the understanding of the system of participation in the training of the training personnel, so that everyone further clarified the boundaries of the responsibility of safety management, more clearly "who manages, what to control, how to control, take responsibility for what" and "What The problem of how to do it, and the consequences of failing to implement security responsibility. The employees listened, looked seriously, and carefully remembered and received tangible results.

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