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The First National Distributor Conference Of 2017 Gongyuan Electrical Was Held In Nanjing
- May 19, 2018 -

On March 13th, the first National Distributors Conference of Gongyuan Electrical was held in Nanjing. Chairman  of the Board of Directors of the United Nations, Zhang Jianjun, Vice  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Nations, Lu Caifen,  Deputy General Manager Shao Jun of Yonggao, and Yu Hongzhan, General  Manager of Gongyuan Electric attended the conference and 144 outstanding  dealer representatives were invited to attend the conference. The theme of the conference, "Together with the Post-90s", was  unveiled in a sand painting exhibition that demonstrated the 34 years of  development of the Gongyuan Group.

In  his speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gongyuan Chairman Zhang  Jianjun pointed out that during the 34 years since its founding, the Gongyuan  Group has consistently adhered to the business philosophy of  “integrity, pragmatism, mutual benefit, and win-win”, adhered to the  principle of single-minded management, adhered to conscience, and  adhered to forming a destiny with its distributors. community. In  the next few years, Gongyuan Electric will continuously improve its product  quality and create a "boutique" brand for high-end switch sockets in the  domestic industry. It will adhere to the principles of "brand  influence, product quality synchronization, and corporate image  synchronization" in the electrical appliance industry and pipeline  industry, and optimize products. Structure,  implementation of new product strategy; will promote the country's  sales network layout, continue to expand brand awareness and influence;  accelerate business transformation and transformation, comply with the  market and the times. He  stressed that it is not enough for enterprises to develop by  themselves. The ancient people "spring plumbing duck prophets", dealers  are the most grounded gas, the market's information feedback is the most  accurate, so Gongyuan will always adhere to the cooperation with the dealers Win, develop together, grow together.

General  Manager Yu Hongchao made a keynote speech entitled “Development and  Outlook”. He reviewed the transformation and transformation from the  establishment of the plant to the acquisition and listing, from dreams  to reality. He  said that 2017 will be the year of change in the trend of Gongyuan Electric,  and will strive to achieve a successful leap from opportunistic growth  to strategic growth. With the goal of “strengthening and strengthening”,  we will intensify innovation and continue to improve, completing the  electrical appliances. The gorgeous transformation.

Tao  Jinrui, deputy general manager of Electrical and Electronic Appliances,  explained the development of the switch industry in the next three  years and Gongyuan Electric's development in the next five years. From  the analysis of brand superiority and inferiority of one or two or  three teams to the self-evaluation of the brand of Gongyuan electrical  appliances; from the analysis of competing products to the creation of  their own products; from the planning and development of the company  over the next five years to the specific operation... Shows the  blueprint of Gongyuan electrical appliances Confidence and breakthrough.

At  the conference, an award ceremony for outstanding distributors of  electrical appliances was also held. A total of seven distributors were  awarded sales gold awards, eight were awarded the honorable title of the  ingenious team, and twelve were awarded the hard work prize. After the conference, a dinner hosted by Gongyuan Electric was held. Participants shared the sunshine culture of the Gongyuan.