China's Top Ten Plumbing Brands Of The Year Announced Unveiled

Recently, the "2016 Top Ten Brands for China's Water Pipe Brands" sponsored by the Brand Ranking Network was announced, and the Gongyuan pipeline ranked first. It is understood that this selection activity is the widest and most comprehensive ranking of brands' overall strength rankings. During the selection process, tens of thousands of netizens voted and commented, and after ten rounds of reviews, the top ten brands with superior quality and the most popular brands were selected.

It is reported that brand ranking network is committed to promoting the branding of China's consumer style, and build a good consumer environment. Since its establishment, the event has received enthusiastic response. Not only has it attracted nearly half of the domestic brands and distributors, but it has also attracted attention from more than 70 well-known online media players such as Sina, NetEase, People, Xinhua, and China Net. Improve brand awareness and influence to provide opportunities.

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