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Foreign Exhibitions Focus On Gongyuan Products
- May 10, 2018 -

The annual Brazilian International Solar Energy Exhibition officially opened in Sao Paulo. The various products of Gongyuan Solar became the focus of the 2017 Brazil New Energy Expo.

This year, the Gongyuan Solar booth continued its previous design style. It is simple, spacious, bright and innovative design demonstrated the quality, connotation and atmosphere of “Gongyuan Solar Energy”. Solar energy components, solar energy grid-connected systems, solar energy off-grid systems, solar water pumps, solar lighting, solar energy application systems, solar energy charging treasures, and solar energy backpacks, etc. The eight Gongyuan solar energy products stand out in numerous booths, attracting many domestic and international customers attention in Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, solar modules, solar grid-connected and solar off-grid systems have received special attention. Due to Brazil's vast natural and sunny conditions and the recovery of the local economy, electricity is lacking in some regions.  Local customers have a keen interest in and cooperation with new energy photovoltaic modules and solar grid off-grid power generation systems.

From June 7th to June 10th, the Thailand International Water Treatment Fair came on time and thousands of water treatment industry giants and famous brands gathered. The  Gongyuan pipeline occupied the Y30 booth with an area of 30 square meters,  which became the focus of media coverage and exhibitors' favor. This style of construction meets the emotional and rational needs of the space environment with the principle of simplicity and not simplicity, thereby highlighting the low-key and elegant appearance of products, the consistent style of conciseness without losing the connotation, and fully displaying the overall image of the company and its brands.

It is understood that the products displayed on this occasion are all products promoted by the Gongyuan in the Southeast Asian market, and there are also many new products. Perfect product series, cutting-edge product design, excellent product quality and strong enterprise competitiveness have been unanimously recognized and praised by new and old customers coming to negotiate.

During the four-day expo, orders were frequently established and new partnerships were established with multiple new customers, which far exceeded expectations.