Ethiopian Ministry Of Health Leaders Visit Gongyuan Solar

On September 20, 2017, Kibebew, the Director of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, visited the Gongyaun Solar Company with 10 people. Hou Lifeng and Li Li, heads of projects of Huali Group Co., Ltd. in Ethiopia, accompanied the inspection.

The visiting delegation visited the Gongyuan Solar Sample Exhibition Hall, the solar module automation production line, and the Shuangpu Automation Workshop. Whenever they arrived, the guests had in-depth exchanges with technical staff to understand the production line, production capacity, technology and structure, and so on. Gongyuan's automatic production scale and on-site management fully affirmed. At the same time, it also visited the demonstration project of Taizhou Municipal Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd. “combination of wastewater treatment facilities and distributed photovoltaic power generation”. When we learned that this project was the first photovoltaic power station with flexible support distributed wastewater treatment facilities in China, and after the grid was successfully connected, the annual electricity generation from solar energy reached 6 million kilowatt-hours. Ethiopian guests extended their thumbs and praised the project for rationalizing the limited space. Optimization has truly reached the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Holley Group Hou Yufeng said: “After years of cooperation, the quality of the Gongyuan component is trustworthy. We will continue to cooperate in depth with the Gongyuan and open up a broader space for strategic cooperation.

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