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High Mechanical Strength, Good Chemical Resistance
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Polyvinyl chloride is a vinyl chloride monomer polymerization is made, is one of the commonly used thermoplastics. Its trade name is abbreviated as "Chloroplastic", English abbreviation is PVC. Pure polyvinyl chloride resin is a hard thermoplastic material, the decomposition temperature and plasticization temperature is very close, and the mechanical strength is poor. Therefore, the PVC resin can not be used for plastic products, plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers and the like must be added to improve the performance and make the PVC plastic, which is then processed into various products. PVC, according to the amount of plasticizer added into the number of hard PVC and soft PVC.

1. Soft PVC plasticizers generally contain 30-50%. Because of the soft texture, high strength; has a good air tightness and impermeability.

2. Rigid PVC is made with only a small amount of plasticizer. It is characterized by hard texture, high mechanical strength, good chemical resistance. .

3. PVC plastic heat resistance is poor, the intensity is affected by the temperature larger, -20 ℃ than when the intensity decreased by 80% 80%. Therefore, the film products are not easy to store at low temperatures; soft products not exceeding 45 ℃, hard products not exceeding 60 ℃, long-term light will become brittle aging.

4. PVC film in the processing, in order to prevent the decomposition of heat, need to add heat stabilizer, because the heat stabilizer contains lead salts, so that the PVC plastic is toxic, it can not be used as food packaging.

5. PVC plastic and organic solvents and naphthalene and other insecticide contact, will produce sticky, melting phenomenon, and easy to absorb odor; due to strong plasticizer volatile, it should not be stored too long.