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ERA Once Again Ranked Among The Top 100 Chinese Light Industry, Top Ten In China's Plastics Industry, And Top 500 Zhejiang Businessmen
- Jul 12, 2018 -

On June 20th, “Let the people live a better life”—the China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The conference released the list of “China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises” in 2017 and the list of enterprises and products selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for “Upgrading and Innovative Consumer Products Guide (Light Industry Fourth Batch)”. The ERA Group has lived up to expectations. For the seventh consecutive year, it has won two "China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises" (No. 43) and "China Light Industry Plastics Industry Top Ten Enterprises" (No. 2) two heavyweight awards, which have been selected as "Market Capabilities" and "Profits". The list of the top 500 of the “capacity”, “value ability”, “e-commerce ability” and “research and development ability”.

It is understood that the "China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises" list, which is regarded as an important criterion for evaluating the competitiveness of light industrial enterprises and measuring the vitality of China's light industrial enterprises, is very strict. The China Light Industry Association is based on market capability, profitability and value capability. Six indicators, such as e-commerce capability, R&D capability and growth capability, are comprehensively evaluated by indicators such as operating income, total profit, profit margin, tax profit and tax proportion, e-commerce revenue, R&D investment and operating income growth. As a leading enterprise in China's plastics industry, ERA has stood out from many participating companies with its comprehensive strength. It has been a finalist for seven consecutive years. This is the inheritance of ERA for many years, adhering to product quality, courageously pioneering and innovating, and dare to take responsibility. A kind of praise and affirmation of social responsibility.

The reporter learned from the 15th Zhejiang Merchants (Investment and Financing) Conference and the 2018 Digital Economy Summit that ERA once again ranked the list of “Top 20 Enterprises of the 3018 Zhejiang Merchants” in the economic direction of Zheshang.