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ERA Ranks Among The Top 500 Asian Brands
- Nov 29, 2018 -

On September 9th, the “13th Asian Brand Festival” was grandly opened in Hong Kong, China. The “2018 Asian Brand Top 500 List”, which has received much attention, was also shocked. For the first time, the “ERA” brand was ranked among the “Top 500 Asian Brands” (No. 380) with a brand value of RMB 20.095 billion. This is a testimony to the strength of Chinese national brands and leading brands in the industry and an important milestone in the internationalization process of ERA.

With the deepening of globalization and the acceleration of regional economic integration, brands have become the commanding heights of global economic and technological competition, and have become an important symbol of the core competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. As the feast of the Asian brand community, the Asian Brand Festival has been successfully held for 12 sessions. It has gradually become the best stage to interpret Asian brand values, exchange Asian brand concepts and shape Asian brand image, and let more Asian brands go from here to the world. Leading the era of big brands in the world economy.

The 13th Asian Brand Festival was sponsored by Asiabrand and co-organized by the China Asia Economic Development Association, the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce, Korea Asia News Group, and the Hong Kong International Investment Association. With the theme of “Creating a New Era of Brand Value”, this festival emphasizes new brands, new technologies, and new finances, strengthens economic and cultural exchanges between countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and focuses on the strength of Asian brands.

The list of professional evaluation agencies follows the "independent, objective, fair, and scientific" industry standards, and comprehensively evaluates Asian corporate brands from 22 indicators in eight dimensions. The “2018 Asian Brand 500” has been selected by 35 industries in 18 countries and regions. China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) ranked first in Asia with 282 brands, and Tencent, Toyota and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranked the top three in the list. More than 100 mainstream media such as People's Daily, Xinhuanet, Chinanews.com, CCTV, and BTV have publicly reported to the world.

In the thirty-five years since the founding of ERA, we have not forgotten our original intentions, adhered to the ingenuity, insisted on making conscience products, increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands. In recent years, through the overall planning and operation of the brand, holding dealer conferences, placing large-scale advertisements for high-speed rail and transportation hub stations, and introducing a series of measures such as the Internet+, the “ERA” brand image, brand value, popularity, reputation and influence have continued to improve.

ERA” brand has won many honors such as “Top Ten Brands of China Plastic Pipeline”, “Top Ten Brands in China National Pipeline”, “Preferred Brand of Green Building in China”, “National Consumers Reassuring Brand”, etc., and passed DVGW. , NSF, WATERMARK, KITEMARK and other international authoritative certifications and "Zhejiang manufacturing certification", and registered in hundreds of countries or regions around the world.