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ERA Group Built The First Company In Taizhou And The Second Enterprise Archive In Zhejiang Province
- Dec 07, 2018 -

At 9:00 am on November 30, 2018, at the opening of the China Private Economy Development Forum, the Enterprise Archives of Gongyuan Plastic Industry Group Co., Ltd. was officially opened and opened. This not only marks the beginning of a new milestone in the archive management of ERA Group, but also the epitome of the glorious history of Chinese private enterprises.

Lu Zhenyu, Chairman of Yonggao Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the ceremony. Lu Zhenyu summarized the development process of ERA Enterprise Archives into three stages, namely, the germination stage of the early stage of the business, the standardized management stage of the middle growth stage, and the digital management stage of the mature stage. In the future, ERA will integrate the archive work with the corporate culture. Make archive work become a database of enterprise production and operation and an important strategic resource.


Since 1993, ERA Group has established a comprehensive archives office of the company, with one full-time archivist. In 2001, it reached the provincial-level archives work target management. In 2015, the headquarters moved into the new Shuangpu plant, and set up 3 full-time archivists and 10 part-time archivists to carry out file management.

The newly established Enterprise Archives of ERA Group has established 17 branches of the company, 21,186 volumes of inventory files, 591 photos, 522 boxes of CDs, 1,260 pieces of physical objects, 2,1900 entries for file files, and 53,477 file-level entries. Mounted 5004 pieces.

At the same time, the archives are equipped with Beijing Quantum PDE Network Digital File Management System 7.2, which realizes the unified management and standardized management of archive data and network management and office automation of the group head office and group branch.