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Ensure the quality of the pressure pipe welding
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Pressure pipe operations are generally outdoor, laying way overhead, along the ground, buried, and often high altitude operations, poor environmental conditions, high quality control requirements. As the quality control links are interlocking, organic combination, a slight neglect of a link, resulting in quality problems. The welding is a key work in the construction of pressure pipelines. The quality of the pipelines and the efficiency of the pipelines directly affect the safe operation and manufacturing period of the project, so the quality control of the process is even more important. According to the construction requirements of the pressure pipeline, personnel, equipment, materials, process documents and environment must be strengthened management. Targeted to take stringent measures in order to ensure the quality of the pressure pipe welding, welding quality assurance to ensure the realization.

In daily life, pressure vessels are classified as fire sources and fire sources. In fact, pressure vessels also need to be preserved in daily life. For the preservation of pressure vessels, we need to do the following Its equipment components of the structure, safety valves, rupture discs, emergency venting valves and other collective maintenance to see if there is no corrosion of the situation, in the event of corrosion phenomenon, should take timely measures before the equipment should be used Anti-rust paint brushing, after use should be promptly cleaned up to protect the cleanliness of equipment; Second, the pressure vessel safety devices for protection, safety devices are important devices for pressure vessels, be sure to carry out good protection, in the Good maintenance prior to use and after use, necessary for brushing of lubricants and brushing of antirust paint.

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